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Marketing, Delivered in the Moment

NP Digital Australia is a performance marketing agency built by marketers. We’re structured for speed and efficiency in order to meet the everchanging needs of today’s consumers. Delivering the right content in the right context on a comprehensive scale requires the ability to pivot as fast as the digital marketplace.

Explore Our Capabilities


  • Dan Kalinski

    President, NPD Australia

  • Paul Darling

    Global CFO

  • Mike Kamo

    Global CEO and Co-Founder

  • Guy Jarvie

    SVP Performance, NPD Australia

  • Neil Patel

    CMO and Co-Founder

  • Karen Bellin

    VP, Data, Analytics & Insights

  • Samantha Edwards

    Group Business Director, NPD Australia

  • Mike Gullakson

    CEO, NP Digital

  • Nancy Adzentoivich

    VP, Strategy

  • Chris Moreno

    VP, Paid Media

  • Jeff Johnson

    President, NP Digital

  • Traci Rice

    VP, Operations

  • Alison Moser

    VP, Client Services

  • Matt Kropp

    CCO, NP Digital

  • Brooke Hess

    Sr. Director, Paid Media

  • Brett Pugliesi

    VP, Human Resources

  • Nick Roshon

    VP, Sales

  • Chad Gilbert

    Sr. Director, Content

  • Taylor Brennan

    Director, SEO

  • Ivette Monroy

    Director, Talent Acquisition

  • Caio Beleza

    Global COO, NP Accel

  • Ty Christensen

    CRO, NP Accel

  • Sarah Cugini

    CCO, NP Accel

  • Matthew Santos

    VP, Product & Strategy, NP Accel

  • John Hoeft

    SVP, Strategic Partnerships, NP Accel

  • Travis Sari

    VP, Data, Analytics & Insights, NP Accel

  • Brooke Weller

    VP, Paid Media, NP Accel

  • Josh Hutchison

    Director, Sales, NP Accel

  • Jennifer French

    VP, Strategic Partnerships, NP Accel

  • William Kammer

    Director, SEO, NP Accel

  • Matt Francis

    Director, Paid Media Strategy, NP Accel

  • Rafael Mayrink

    CEO, NP Digital Brazil

  • Saulo Medeiros

    Global VP of Marketing

  • Ricardo Zanella

    COO, Brazil

  • Natalia Fernandes

    VP, Finance – Brazil

  • Marcella Merigo

    Director, SEO – Brazil

  • Felipe Neffa

    VP, Sales – Brazil

  • Gislaine Gandra

    VP, Human Resources – Brazil

  • Max Cheprasov

    CEO, Ubersuggest

  • Lisa Ohman

    COO, Ubersuggest

  • Miles Nurse

    CPO, Ubersuggest

  • Mynul Hoda

    CTO, Ubersuggest

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